Monday, June 1, 2009

The Coral Bracelet by Joyleen

Got this from Joy last week but I did not have any time to post it.
I was swamp with work , not much time to spare.
It's pretty much busy busy days for me :-)

This is a cute LO Joy! Very creative use of the diamond circle and the
circular border :-) Thanks again for another beautiful LO :-)

Oh, I forgot the weather was so nice yesterday, guess what?
We went to the beach. My little angel was having a blashhhhhh.
It has been awhile since she was able to do such.
Singing all the way " we are going to the beach,
we are going tot he beach"
Hehheheeh, such a cutieeeee!


Grandma give this CORAL bracelet when you were
still one month old and up to know you still enjoying
looking at it. Mama don’t know why maybe because of the color.

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  1. Hi, Joy! I love how you were able to capture this moment! The bracelet is truly the center of attraction in this pic. Beautiful layout!