Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mao, the self - taught musician

Today I decided to make a page for my brother. He has been asking me for awhile now to make him one…. Finally, today I made it! Hurray to me .

This picture was taken from last year while he was here visiting me. The new instruments just arrived. Hubby and him were so keen on trying out the goods… Both of them are pretty good musicians. Guess what? Both are self taught. My bro, Mao Tsetong as we call him, is a self taught musician who had learn how to play, guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, and harmonica by himself. Ya, I know I’m such a wimp, can’t play any instrument at all, while he is what they call a “jack of all trades”.

Well, enough of the story. Let’s talk about the layout. I choose this one since he obviously loves guitars. I created the frame and made the guitars “out of bound” to get a 3D look. Then I embossed them for the final effect. I also added a g-clef just slightly at the edge of one of his pictures to accent it. A guitar at the button edge, a cowboy & a sexy girl silhouette makes it more like my brother’s kind of stuff ( you know…)

It is very important when making a layout to know ahead what type of look you are going for. This saves a lot of time. Simple and interesting is what I usually go for. Small accents like the white dots at the bottom and right edge seem to complete the whole thing.

Enjoy, and have a great day! 


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