Friday, January 30, 2009

A Fairy Tale

Have you ever wondered about what type of life your younger sister will have in the future? I did…..for my younger sister Palay as we call her. As an older sister I want her to have the best – living a good life and living her dreams. She is very talented. She loves to dance, plays the drums, guitar and keyboard. And to top it all she can sing!! And poor me can’t even hit the do-re-mi tune lol! Well I’m just happy she got those things that I don’t have. So happy for her. Love you sis! 

Palay is very sweet, caring, responsible and godly. She has the innocence of a child and the brain of Einstein ! I remember at the age of 8 she does read her Bible and pray before going to sleep. Thanking God for the day and for His blessings to us. She is always thankful for things she receives and grateful for almost everything. You hardly hear her complain about her life. We tend to spoil her, but she doesn’t take advantage of the fact that she is the youngest of the family. 

At the age of 18 she got her first boyfriend - who is now her husband. Sounds like a fairy tale eh? Yes, it is. Her husband Danny is a wonderful father to Amanda, and a wonderful husband and best friend to my sister. Thank God for answered prayers. At the young age of 22, she already has a flourishing family. She finished her degree, they got their own car and even built a house for themselves. 

Anyway, here is my creation of the day. The picture was taken by my sister in law, a very good photographer. Thanks Merete! 

click image for larger view

Embellishments, background paper, picture editing all done by me.

Enjoy !


  1. All Glory to God! Such a wonderful design, truly a gift from God. love you cay.

  2. Thanks alot:-) And thanks for dropping by.

  3. what a beautiful story........thank the Lord for it as not everyone gets their fairy tale....