Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn Babies by Marissa

The picture was taken this weekend. Christina, my daughter, and her cousin Stephanie, the birthday celebrant, the one with the necklace, were both born in the Fall. They are Autumn babies. Time really flies so fast, they were just babies and now... here they are. Ready to take on the world!

For years I've been creating Halloween birthday layouts for DD. As a kid, she and Stephanie always wanted to dress up in halloween costumes for their birthdays. It is so refreshing to see pictures of them as normal teenagers and making scrapbook pages that are not eerily cute! Beautiful Autumn is a warm refreshing kit. I re-colored and re-sized the flowers and put one on top of another. I just love that one of the frames turned to be a perfect tag for a very short journaling message. And that scarecrow is just so handsome! I love it!!



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