Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If All of the Raindrops...

Here's another LO using Cay's Ice Diamond Kit. Can you tell I had a super-duper fun doing this?
The diamonds reminded me of rain and I thought it would be wonderful to see myself having an awesome diamond shower! However, I do not have a picture that goes with that thought. I found one of my daughter's instead.

This is a picture where she and her friends were having fun in front of the camera doing silly things. I just chose her to be in the layout alone. In this picture, I used one of Cay's papers for the umbrella. I decreased the opacity a little bit so the umbrella structure will see through it.

Adding the umbrella gave the feeling I wanted to convey... a shower of diamonds [and flowers]! The journaling is about the song "All the Raindrops", the wording of which I changed a bit to fit my layout.

If you want to know the complete lyrics to the song and also to listen to how the song goes, visit me here.



  1. Oh men , this is soooooo cooollllll LO!

    The raindrops of diamond is amazing...
    The rain of flowers are fantastic....
    and the model is soooo prettyyyy....

    Thumbs up Marissa!

  2. Wow this is so gorgeous! Good job Marissa.

  3. i love everything i see here!!! congrats to you cay and your DT!!! wtg!!!

  4. Thanks Janis! Im proud to have all of them in my team :-)