Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WOW SuperMOM! by Marissa

The new Supermom kit is truly super-duper! It's like being in a scrapbooking store! I couldn't make up my mind what to pick. I kept telling myself, "it's OK... I can always have more fun later..."

It's Mother's Day again. I thought of making a layout about my mom. But then everybody does that. Perhaps a layout of myself since no one makes a layout of me as a mother? Well, both can be done later. My sisters Josephine, Blesilda, and Imelda are all supermoms as well. Cay's Supermom Kit will cover all of that sometime soon.

Today, I chose Lee, who I know is juggling between being with husband Toym's activities, her children's activities, and house responsibilities. I don't know how she does it, yet still she has time to make wonderful traditional layouts.

Cheers to you, Lee!

Techniques I used in this layout:

I erased the white areas of the blue paper which I used as a mat to make it look like it's torn and tattered. I "tore" the lower portion of the paper and "stitched" it back together with stitches that came with the kit.

I cut off a corner and used another paper from the kit as the corner fold. Of course, the stick pin came in handy. I inverted the word "MOM" to spell "WOW" and placed this on top of the word MOM to make a mirror image. I cut off the "mom" from the word "super" and made this part of my title: WOW Super MOM.

Thanks, Cay! Love it!




  1. I love your blog and the template your using here. Your truly a craft fairy...

  2. as usual, love the journaling. and neat trick with the inverted wow/mom. galing. thanks, manang for making this LO for me and the kids. love yah. you used Cay's designs so well.

  3. Wow SuperMom and super digi layout! Congrats Marissa! I love it !!!

  4. This is very creative LO Marissa!
    The WOW / MOM thing is a great idea:-)Thumbs up!

    Great jobb!


  5. Thank you Lee & Ching for all your comments on Marissa's LO.

  6. Thanks Marianne for your lovely comment :-)

  7. love the techniques here manang marisa! super lovely layouts! :)