Friday, April 3, 2009

Pamela Vivian

Hello Everyone!

It's me again.Just wanted to share something with you.
Well, here it is...

I made this one for Pamela, my best friend’s daughter.
She is having her confirmation on the 19th of this month.

It was such a joy making this for her. Adorable, funny, respectful and very
responsible - that’s how I will describe her.

I edited this photo back in December. Her mom wanted to give her a Christmas gift, her own portrait. So, I was asked to make a digital portrait of her. I would say I was quite satisfied with the result. That’s why I decided to use the same photo for this one.

It was printed in a 40cm x 40 cm canvass.
As you can see she was very happy and proud of it :-)
Im happy too! lol!



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  1. What a beautiful girl! that's one awesome work you did there!