Thursday, March 12, 2009

Im back!

Hi everyone! I’m back! I have not been updating my blog for days.Imagine how that feels ha? Got an ear infection and was in pain for almost 2 weeks! A combination of head ache, muscle pains, tooth ache and pain in the ears as a result of the nfection was way beyond description. Just a small sound would drive me crazy. Even using the keyboard made me go nuts!

Imagine having to tell you daughter to hush almost all the time.Not a good feeling at all :-( It seemed like I had deprived her of something.She loves to sing and run around the house. But my, my….when she did these weeks I felt like my head was gonna explode. Taking the antibiotics is not the most pleasant thing to do. Yucky taste, a slightly allergic reaction to it – the immediate effect it had on me was all but pleasant….and nevertheless I had to take it :-(

Yah I was in pain but still at times I forced myself to check out the blogs and my email. I was chatting with Joy in YM ( couldn’t help it, just had to peek at friends blogs :-) I’m addicted to them heheheh!

So my working capacity was like 30 percent of normal. Deadlines here and there.Work kept piling up. Too many things needed to be done but I was in no shape to do it all. But yay, now I’m back to business! Work here I come!!!!

As I was saying, work was really piling up.Today I managed to finish an order from my sister-in-law. She just gave birth to a cutie baby boy,Tarjei Johan.I call him TJ for short. So I made thank you cards for them.It was such a joy to be able to get this done. She was happy with the result,and thus,so was I.

Click photo for larger view

Welcome to the world TJ!
Congrats Mama Merete and Papa Asbjørn!

Click photo for larger view

I think these LO’s came out pretty cool. Whaddayathink? :-)



  1. Hi Cay, These are awesome!! I like the matching snail design on the baby's bib and the boarder. Another great job! By the way, I hope you feel better soon. Cheers!

  2. Hi Mei Ann,

    Im quite happy with the result myself.Hehheheh, I made the snail just for this LO.Cute isn't it? :-) I do feel better . Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful blessed day ahead!

  3. Glad you're feeling better. My turn to get sick. Like you I have an ear ache all day today. It even hurts to swallow. Haven't done anything lately. [sigh]