Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mini Album

Hi everyone

I created this one for my daughter for Christmas. She was very happy and excited as she flipped through the pages. "Wow, it’s beautiful mama! " as she watched the pages with her picture in it. How amazing to see, that at her age she has learned to appreciate my creations. She herself is very fond of doing stuff, just like mama. Couple of years from now, she will have her room full of hobby stuff. That I look forward to…

In this album she was trying out my red shoes. She is a curious little angel wanting to figure out how it is supposed to be used. If I read between the lines she was wondering how can mommy walk in this thing. LOL! Well, maybe I try it myself ….
Amazingly she did manage to walk through the house with it. What a darling!

That's it! Have a great day!


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